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Marie Simon Dentistry

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At Marie Simon Dentistry, we specialize in designing and creating your dream smile. The magic happens when technical expertise melds with tailored design, guided by artistic talent, to fashion a personalized and beautiful smile.  Unlike general dentistry, precision cosmetic dentistry requires specific and extensive training beyond dental school.  With Dr. Simon, you can feel confident that experience and learned expertise guide the artists’ hand.

“Precision cosmetic dentistry requires specific and

extensive training beyond dental school.”



Find Your Smile

Every smile is as unique as the person wearing it and our goal is for your best you to shine through.  With that in mind, we begin with what we call our Personalized Smile Design Session, during which we seek to understand your needs and desires. 


Comprehensive Approach

After understanding your goals, we will evaluate your overall health and aesthetics. A thorough set of diagnostic tools will be used to gather information about your smile, your gums, and your teeth. These tools will also provide ways to communicate with you about the possibilities for your smile.


Customized Smile Plan

To top off your Personalized Smile Design Session, we will show you what a Customized Smile Plan would look like for you.


Let us help you create an unforgettable smile you can be proud to share.